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setoncruisecontrol: hahaha. come see me tomorrow! i work from 2-8 (;

I think I can do that!


i’m sorry everyone but i can’t do this. i need to create a new blog. entirely. i will check this one if you would like the URL for the new one but i know too many people following this one. nothing is sacred. 

please guys, don’t tell people about this blog. i trust my followers, I don’t need random strangers emailing my parents or telling my friends that they’re worried. i’m fine. i just need something to be secret. please don’t do this to me. i’m not suicidal anymore, im okay. just let me be alone. 

i love you all. thank you


i have not posted in a very long time. 

i have no roomate. 

i stopped eating again.

but then i started eating again.

but now im just throwing up all the time.

i do yoga now.

i have guinea pigs now. 

i’m happier. 

i love and miss all my followers <3 thank you all for supporting me through all these years 


so recovering is actually very hard. i don’t feel guilty when i eat anymore but I still stare at thin women. Jeremy has to tell me to stop. ;dlkj;ldkfjg but he’s been helping me a lot. we’ve been working out a lot together but i still eat normal food so I think i’m getting healthier(: which is good. i don’t have to get dizzy anymore but i can still have the amazing feeling i get when i work out(: today we’re playing tennis. and then i might swim. i’ll be okay(:


never compare depression, eating disorders, or any mental illness to the people in third world countries. yes we’re aware they have it worse than us. but that doesn’t mean we’re not in pain.